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08 All White Trails Team FOR SALE!!!!

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This is the Limited All White Trails Team FJ Crusier, 3-inch Lift with 33-inch Hancook Muds, TRD wheels, TRD full exhaust, ONLY 4K MILES, Exellent Condition, TVs/DVD In head rests, NAVI, Rear Diff Lock, A-Trac, Skid Plates Front and Rear, Hella Roof and Front Lights, Sub Woofer, Parking assist, Toyota security VIP alarm, Satellite radio, factory warranty, Very clean interior, Well maintained. $36999 obo,


Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

I also have an Expedition One Front Bumper that I have not put on the car yet!!! Retails at about $1000.00
Will part out the front bumper for around $500.00, If your in the Salt Lake Area. Thanks :rocker::rocker:

For pictures please visit this:

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I picked up the X-1 Bumper today and saw the rig in question. It is very clean. You guys should chill a bit on the scathing of other's posts. Nick was a cool cat and even though he comes from a tuner background he thought he'd give the off-road thing a try, he posts up on here, and gets smacked around. Try to understand where he is coming from and help a brotha' out if he's asking too much. The dealership pumped up the price on his rig with options and knew they could get it (it was the first TT in Utah). He is still undecided on the whole off-road thing so he is testing to see if he could re-coop a good portion of the money he's put into it still taking a big loss. We all understand that all the mods we do after the fact will be pretty much disregarded in a selling price, but except tires a lift his FJ is the same FJ that was on his window sticker.

We can all do a little more constructive criticism and less outright criticism I think.

Thanks for the deal on the bumper. I'd give you rep, but I can't even remember what it was.
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