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08 All White Trails Team FOR SALE!!!!

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This is the Limited All White Trails Team FJ Crusier, 3-inch Lift with 33-inch Hancook Muds, TRD wheels, TRD full exhaust, ONLY 4K MILES, Exellent Condition, TVs/DVD In head rests, NAVI, Rear Diff Lock, A-Trac, Skid Plates Front and Rear, Hella Roof and Front Lights, Sub Woofer, Parking assist, Toyota security VIP alarm, Satellite radio, factory warranty, Very clean interior, Well maintained. $36999 obo,


Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

I also have an Expedition One Front Bumper that I have not put on the car yet!!! Retails at about $1000.00
Will part out the front bumper for around $500.00, If your in the Salt Lake Area. Thanks :rocker::rocker:

For pictures please visit this:

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Yeah no ones really trying to be rude. What most people don't realize is mods are worth next to nothing when selling a car. You're better off parting them out. You'll get about 50% on them that way. Selling the car usually only brings about 15% over the asking price if you're lucky. The problem is alot of people finance those modded trucks from the dealer and then they are really stuck. I sold a modded Mustang once with about 25 grand in it. It sold for 3K more than stock. The price of mods is very expensive when you look at it that way. That's why I buy my sports cars nealry maxed out now. My new Z06 doesn't really need mods.
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