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1 FJ versus 3 Jeeps!!!

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A couple weeks ago Montana and I had a pretty fun run with 3 Jeeps. First up was "Karl". He has a stock Jeep that actually ran pretty well.

Next up was "Bob". He has an older Jeep heavily moded. Huge lift, 39.5 Irocks, locked, V8, the works.

Last was "Joe". We had never met "Joe". He is a Jeep mechanic at the local Jeep dealership. He is a buddy of "Karl's" and really looks down on anything but Jeeps. You know the type.

Well we go out to a little playground and run some obstacles. Montana drives while I spot. For those of you who do not know Montana he's my 12 year old son. He is also a seasoned driver having driven Moab, Ouray, and here in Farmington. All the wives and girlfriends thought he was cute and the guys didn't know what to think.
"Karl" ran the obstacles well and did a great job. "Bob" got overly aggressive on one and snapped a rear drive shaft. It took us 10 minutes to disconnect and he was back on the road. "Joe" ran all the obstacles but with a tude. He wanted no spotter and was far beyond our skill level.
After our runs, Montana wanted to take everyone to a new spot we found earlier in the week. There is a trail called "Anasazi Refrigerator". We have run it before but we never ran the exit and for a good reason, it goes over a cliff. We wheeled out to it and parked on the top. Montana was ready to run so off we went.

It's not very long but very steep and very off camber. Montana is very cool and calm. He may not hear me when I ask him to clean his room, but when I spot he listens and is all business.

Not only is the trail steep but it is narrow between big rocks. It also has 4-5 steps that are about 3 ft a piece.

Montana took this picture so you could get an idea what it was like. Sorry it didn't come out better but he was kinda busy.

Here is Montana near the bottom. You can see some of the group on the top. They didn't even hike down.

Montana parked at the bottom and we all hiked back up. Montana asked who was next. They all shook they heads and drove home. "Karl's" rig would have been hard pressed. "Bob" said he would go with us again when the drive shaft was fixed, and I think he will. "Joe" was all show. He has an awesome rig but wouldn't run it. In just a few minutes Montana and I were standing there all alone. Montana said next time we better invite 4 Jeeps.
The moral of the story - Never be intimidated by a Jeep and watch out for certain 12 year olds.
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very cool read!
Thanks! I forgot to mention, the Jeep owners names have been changed to protect there feelings.
Looks awesome Phil. I can't wait to get back over there. I might just have to bring our jeep though and show what it can do, with your spotting of course.
Awesome story and pics!! Way to go!
As important as all other vehicle factors are, it really all comes down to the driver and experience.

Great photos!
Great story and Pics!! I have always been amazed at what a kid can do given the chance. I am sure that your son will take these chances you provide him and the experience they provide with him all his life. A time will come when he looks back at all this and realize how very fortunate he is to have a father that teaches him these skills early in life. Sounds like you two make the perfect team. Keep the stories coming!
Loved the story and the pics. Way to go Montana. Sorry about the jeepers cutting out at the end. They at least new their betters.:lol:
WTG Montana! That's some serious feat for a 12 year old. You should be proud of yourself and thank Dad for the awesome opportunity and life lesson. I'm a cool Dad too, but I'm not sure about handing my keys over to my 13 year old after watching him "Fly" his ATV the way he does! Great story guys.
Very cool. So what are you gonna do when he turns 16 and asks to take the FJ for a "spin". Knowing what he knows it might be a scary thought. But, very cool indeed.
Looks awesome Phil. I can't wait to get back over there. I might just have to bring our jeep though and show what it can do, with your spotting of course.
That would be great! Trust me, I know Jeeps are totally capable but it is the attitude of some that is lacking. Montana & I can't wait for the Summit. He is a little bummed that he can't drive. We do look forward to seeing all of our friends and making new ones!
Sorry I missed that one. Always a great time with you and Montana, and the others.

It's been a bit busy at work. I gave my resignation today for one of my jobs. Requested a change... I will be out on the road a bit more after the Summit. The company has 340 aircraft around the country, so there's always someplace that needs a person to fill in. I've requested training on other models with the chance of spending time this winter in Florida, even Key West!

Hoping to get up to Molas Lake next month. I hear they have been plowing to Animas Fork. A primer for the Ouray thing in July :cheers:
Excellent write-up and photos. Even more excellent is the driving of a 12 year old. The only place I have let my son drive is on the beach, not much to bump into on a beach.
Thanks for the support everyone. Never underestimate what a kid can do given the chance and support. Dad almost didn't let me run that trail but he's a great dad and trust me. Believe in your kids and they might surprise you. Also never underestimate the FJ Cruiser! MT
Love the story. Is your sons name really Montana because thats almost as good as Indiana Jones.
Love the story. Is your sons name really Montana because thats almost as good as Indiana Jones.
Yep! His name really is Montana. We call him Tana for short. He was not named after the state but Joe Montana, one of my favorite QB's. He loved being compared to Indy. He is a huge Indy and Star Wars fan. Hope to see you at the Summit.
so I guess Dad will be buying a new 2011 FJ while Montana takes over the Voodoo :D
That is the best story ever!!!:rofl::clap::cheers: hope you guys are going to the summit, moab mayhem is set up for the 20-22nd i believe I know its short notice but we would love to have you guys again this year, even if for just a day. Looking forward to more great memories with you two!!
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