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Been wanting to refresh m roof rack since I got my FJ. It was a southern vehicle so it had a lot of sun exposure and was really faded. I noticed driving around looking at others in my area - lots of them fade as they get older.

Started by taking the rack off. Even though mines an 07 with a T40 torx the bolts came right out. My son said it looked "bald".

Here it is removed. I also disassembled all the cross bars. I also removed the plastic clamps so it was just the metal cross bar. Then I used some emery cloth sand paper and sanded the whole thing down.

I used brush on Rustoleum Enamel Gloss Black. Bought a can at Home Depot for $10. First coat going on.

Quick shot of how faded it was vs. the fresh paint.

While I waited for the first coat to dry a few hours I decided to really wash the roof well, wax it, buff it, and apply a spray detailer. It's so much easier to do with the roof rack off. I was surprised that even the though I wash the roof regularly how really dirty the white was. It really needed to be cut once and then polished to get it back to a white-white. I stopped at one point to take a picture ... you can really see the difference from left to right.

2nd coat all done.

Back on top! All done. I just have to reassemble the cross bars tomorrow. I wanted to give the cross bars a good 24 hours to dry before putting the plastic end clamps back on.

If your not a fan of the gloss look, Rustoleum makes a flat black as well.

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Looks fantastic! 馃榿(y)

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That turned out great. Nice job :)

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Refreshed by Baja Rack this year too. I did the same thing as far as waxing/ceramic coating the roof while the rack was out of the way, it had a lot of oxidization over the years but now is shiny and nice again! And the roof rack is as good as new too!
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