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Couple question- Installing a sub in the back (doesn't have one) and have decided on 2 potential enclosures.

Wicked CAS
TacoTune Cabinet

For those that have these two installed can you provide feedback on them, quality, size etc.

I know the Wicked is fiberglass and is more custom looking, where as the Tacotunes is more of a Cabinet style. What is the Cabinet made of, MDF? Does it come with mounting hardware etc?

Do I need to replace the plastic cover with some type of special one that allows for speaker to mount on-top? Part#?

Any other companies out there making these boxes for reasonable cost?

I'm also trying to be cost conscience, but would pay the extra money if it's worth it.

I'm installing a single JL 10W3.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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