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To those of us who have installed the 12.3" (10" also(?)) Android head-units but couldn't get the hazards to work...
Briefly, to those who may be considering these units:
The headunit and face-plate are one assembly;
there is some trimming of the plastic behind the radio, but I didn't have to remove any mounting points; primarily the top corners to allow fit:


On these units you must reuse OEM A/C unit
these pods are easy to disassemble they just snap apart
the cables are also different sizes, so they apparently were thinking of me & idiot proofed them (so far...:unsure: but I have nothing but time on my hands... 😒)
My experience:
While the OEM orientation has the "blue side" facing down and you would think that this is the correct way to transfer the ribbon cable...
then your hazards don't work, do they? 🤔
Its not you! You did everything right!
The reason is geographical actually;
China is on the opposite side of the world (as we learned when we were young, if you dig a hole through the Earth, you WILL end up in China.
Now, since you would essentially be upside down, and the head-units are made in China, well, now you see where it all went sideways...(metaphorically speaking)
Anywho, the blue side goes "up"...
when removing/installing the ribbon cables:
  • BE CAREFUL with the little tan/brown retainer locks, just GENTLY slip 'em back (one corner at a time, you DO NOT need to remove them, just slide them back)
  • if you lose or break they are IMPOSSIBLE to replace (YouTube computer nerds recommend hot glue in these cases)
  • "blue side" of the OEM ribbons go UP
  • insert ribbon
  • lock retainer back forward.
View attachment 1129727

The A/C hazard/defrost is a separate assembly from the headunit,
meaning you only need to plug the 3 A/C harnesses in to verify the hazard and defrost switches work
To verify:
View attachment 1129728
  • hazard/defrost lights should illuminate when key is turned (or if your default is auto headlights they will come on automatically).
  • test hazards.⛳
  • Pat self on back.🤙🍺
  • Remember fondly your elementary school geography teacher.🎓
Hope that helps anyone approaching my stupidity level😬...
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