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- 1977 Toyota LandCruiser FJ40
- Appx 85k miles (new gauges, so not positive on exact figure)

- 2f Motor (straight six), 4sp manual trans
- Stock driveline, very strong
- Lunchbox locker in front differential
- Manual front hubs
- 4x4
- Disc brakes in front, drums in the rear (stops surprisingly well)
- Set up for dual batteries, though only one is connected. (ie: you can jump yourself)
- 33" BFG MT's with tons of tread

- 4" HFS Suspension Lift with HFS shocks & stabilizer
- Tan color, white bezel
- Black BestTop Softtop, with matching doors
- Olive Green bikini top
- Colormatched tan hard doors (OK shape), quarter windows, and rear doors (ie: needs only the top part of the hardtop)
- Black tailgate for use with softtop or bikini top
- New bumperettes
- Original front bumper, unpainted
- Locking gas cap
- New bolt kit for the hardtop

- Two bucket seats, original but in very good condition
- Seats have new (October) custom Wet Okole seatcovers with rear pockets, drivers seat has a "pistol pocket" between legs
- Tuffy lockable center console with cupholders
- Rear rubber cargo mat
- New Autometer gauge cluster, in stock location using a custom backplate
- Speedo with new cable, double-sealed at the sending unit
- Tach
- Fuel Level with new sending unit in the tank
- Oil pressure, mechanical gauge
- Water Temp, mechanical gauge
- 6.5" speakers in custom Liquid Audio wakeboard enclosures, mounted to the rollbar
- Sony marine MP3 headunit with detachable face and remote control
- Heat works! No AC (really, who needs it?)

- Tons of extra parts, old and new
- Uninstalled heat/noise damper for the drivers & passengers floor
- I've even got a FJ40 Matchbox car I'll throw in. It's Olive, though, not tan.

The bad:
- Some bondo work on the body (though definitely not a bondo-queen)
- The door striking plate has seperated from the body for about a 12". Needs a bead run to reconnect. Since I usually don't run doors, haven't bothered with it.
- No radio antenna.
- Front bumper is without paint.
- Not positive on actual mileage; last owner advised the figure was original miles, but I have no way to verify.
- It's 33 years old, and it doesn't enjoy the cold. Once warmed up though, it's a champ. I typically start it, go back inside for a quick coffee, then head out.
- I have two hardtops, both of which have seen better days and therefore, I won't try to install them. As mentioned above, the quarters and rear doors seem to be
in great shape, though.

- The radio is wired to be "always on", ie: so the vehicle can be off but the radio could still be played. If I were to keep this, I'd install a switch (probably
under the passenger dash) to cut power.

- Manual steering. I haven't listed this under "the bad" as I think it adds to the flavor of the vehicle. I had the locker moved from the rear to the front, so even with manual steering, it is easy to drive on the road.

If you'd like any info / have any questions, please feel free to PM me or post in here.


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Very nice rig....wish I didn't already own 3 vehicles....BUMP!


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where can i come and see this im in west ashley
Hey neighbor. I'm in Folly Beach, but on Little Oak Island (Mariner's Cay, if you know it).

I'll be downtown tomorrow until about 3pm, free after that. If you'd like to meet up, I'd be more than happy to.

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A little bump here....

Open to trades, manual TJ's, weapons as partial trades (I'd love a SOCOM II or other solid .308), or a small diesel car (Jetta, etc). Or, a manual FJC plus cash on my end!

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If you are a drummer, I have a nice pro-level drum kit I could trade you! ;-)

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I got ya. That is one lovely FJ40! Wish I had the extra dough lying around!
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