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2007 BMW GS1200 Adventure
23,XXX miles


As much as it pains me to do this, I am going to sell my extremely well farkled, professionally built and modded GSA. I started surfing again about a year ago, and living about 20 miles from the beach means that any time I leave the house, I bring my board/wetsuit etc... with me, and that means the bike has stayed at home. What used to be ridden 5 days a week has now been relegated to five days a year. True story. I rode it five times last year. So, it is sitting around, costing me money and garage space, and frankly I feel a bit bad about letting it languish. I bought it with huge “Long Way Round” plans for a big ride following my best friend’s retirement in place, and a head full of Charlie and Ewan, I bought this bike in a really good condition with lowish miles about three years ago. Turns out my BFF bought a sailboat in addition to his GS, and plans to ride from Ushuaia to Anchorage were scrapped in favor of him sailing around the world. I paid well over $22,500 for the bike and gear, and felt I got a great deal. I then dumped a bit more money into it, and ridiculously expected this bike to be somehow recession resistant.

According to the current offerings and the pricing of them, it isn’t. Granted, this is a lot more bike than anything advertised right now, but with the market in the $16K range instead of the $19K range I was hoping for, instead of commanding a price in line with its worth, I find myself having to probably get a bit creative with it to sell it.

I have well over $10K in farkles, actually, way more. With the base bike apparently being worth $13,500 on a good day right now, and with what I know the aftermarket value of the parts to be, it looks like I am going to be doing a combination sale of the bike and the parts to recoup some of my losses.

Truth in advertising, the bike has been down, softly, quite a bit. Never on anything hard though, and only when I ran out of talent in really deep sand. I have off-roaded the bike quite a bit, and done the District 37 Desert Dash with it one year when I was too stupid to buy a real dirt bike. Note to any potential purchaser, this bike sucks in 1’ deep sand. You may have huge balls and try, but you are riding using the Ouiji principle, and it is only a matter of time until you dump it, which I did about 20 times in one day. It did break one of the Hella lights enough to crack the glass and the bulb doesn’t work anymore, but it is easily replaceable, I just haven’t. I also scuffed the factory engine guards, but they did their jobs, and the engine is fine, and essentially untouched.

Bottom line, for this week (until Friday Feb 11, 2011) I will advertise only the bike for sale. The price on the bike as it sits is $16,500, and it is worth absolutely every penny. After that date, I will part out the following parts (I have stock replacements that came off the bike to put back on it…) for the following prices. First person in PM’s to sign up for them is first in line should the bike not sell in its complete state, and first cash gets the parts after Friday.

Here is a list of parts that is included in the bike no matter what, and won’t be parted out… There is quite a bit more than I am listing, but they were done by the previous owner for the most part, so I am not sure what is stock and what is made of Touratech/Wunderlich unobtainium.

Bike has all the normal Adventure goodies like heated grips, gi-hugic tank, crash bars, valve covers, onboard computer etc… it also has the following…

  • Cross-spoke Black Adventure rims.
  • Metzler Tourance tires (spare used set will be included…)
  • Hella HID High and Low beams
  • Projector auxiliary lighting (linked to High Beams)
  • Hella driving lights (Linked to Low Beams)
  • Vinyl wrapped plastics in a really cool camouflage pattern I designed with various adventure words kind of meshed in with it. (stock plastic color is silver, and is easily reversible)
  • RAM waterproof box and mount.
  • RAM 1” “B” Ball mount on dashboard
  • Touratech:

  • Touratech Frame Plugs
  • Auxiliary power distribution fuseblock
  • ****pit panel dashboard with Powerlet plug
  • Headlight guard
  • Adjustable clutch and brake levers
  • Cross bar for handlebars
  • Handlebar bag that I couldn’t get to work (seemed loose and dumb)
  • Bear Trap looking foot pegs for rider and pillion
  • Engine Skid Plate
  • Throttlemeister Cruise control
  • Kickstand Foot
  • LED Tail Light
  • Big grips for anti-fatigue on hands (Nearly new)
  • Throttle Rocker gizmo for the palm of your hand (works awesome BTW…)
  • ROX Bar Risers

OK, so here are the flea market items, which I will also be posting under parts if the time comes. This is what is currently on the bike, but will be parted out after Friday if anyone wants dibs PM me…

  • Ohlins Shock absorbers, front and rear. Valved and sprung for a 200# rider, work awesome with external dampening adjustment on rear. $1,000 for set.
  • Custom Bill Mayer Saddle: Saddle is designed for a 200# rider, and is a combination of the sportbike saddle and the big easy chair version. Works great off road, and in fact the wings on it give you a great feedback point for your legs. Built from my stock BMW “Low” seat pan, includes matching pillion seat which has comfort foam added. $450
  • Remus Titanium Exhaust: Perfect condition, sounds awesome. $550
  • Touratech 35L Zega Panniers with Liners. I have both sides with top box and quick release mount for top box. Panniers are in cherry shape, though one of the lids got a bit dinged up on a corner, but works perfectly and is only a minor scuff. Comes with the GSA mounts, locks keyed alike and lid leashes. $950 takes the set.
  • ICOM IC-F4021T Bike to Bike radio with Charger, and intercom interface. Has a really cool thumb switch that switches the radio from VOX to PTT with a push button PTT on the thumb. $350
  • Valentine One RAM mount and external audio unit that allows the V1 to work with your intercom. $50
  • Stock height BMW front seat, perfect condition, I don’t think it has ever been used: $150
  • Extra Adventure windscreen, cut down for hot days (about 2” off the top) in great shape. $100
  • AutoCom Pro AVI Intercom. Interface for external Audio, Radar Detector, GPS/Sat Radio, Pillion to Rider, auto music cutout and speed sensing volume control, pillion volume control, and bike to bike comms capability. Have interface for above ICOM system in place already. Comes with one headset system in a bag, and the other is in my Shoei Hornet, listed separately. $250
  • Garmin 376c with custom Marine mount on windshield support (works awesome) with XM Satellite Radio built in, antenna on front fender, and interface with Autocom. $400

So, to reiterate, bike, including everything above, as it sits is $16,500. After Friday, the parts in the lower list will be sold at the prices listed, and I will reduce the price of the bike commensurately, but not directly. As you can see, even second hand there is $4000+ worth of “easy” farkles to remove and switch out, so I will reduce the price to no less than $14,000 for the bike with those items removed, but all of the top list stuff retained.

Should sell at this price, it is well worth it.

Check the Parts section of the flea market for the following parts and goodies I still have to sell that aren’t included in this bike purchase…

  • BMW Rally Pro 2 Pants in nearly perfect condition, blue.
  • Extra set of Cross Spoke rims with TKC 80 tires in good shape on them. With Brakes and ABS rings etc…
  • Bike air compressor, super light weight, comes as a kit, can’t remember the name off the top. CyclePump or something...
  • Shoei Hornet DS helmet with Autocom headset installed and rigged. $300
  • Various touring gloves, boots, an older Rally Pro suit with jacket and pants in red etc…

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Check out the metallic camouflage pattern. Kind of a brushed aluminum on one level, perforated metal on the other with the little "Adventure" and "GS1200A" and "Gelande Strasse" all ghosted in there... Looks really cool, and tons of compliments...

Zega Bags... no pics of the liners here...

The one corner scuff they have.


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Stickers are gratis... but I will remove them if you want.

Without the Zegas on...

Good pic of the Remus Titanium pipe...

And the adjustable Ohlins shocks...

Front Ohlins...

The broken Hella light...

Shot of the dashboard with V1 (not included), GPS, RAM box etc...

23,700 miles right now. Will probably ride it a bit this week to make sure it is tip top...

The Valentine One remote Audio unit...

Pics of the Big Bear Dual Sport Riders run...

Picture of the group I rode with on the Desert Dash (140 miles in Anza Borrego desert in one day... nightmare on the GS...)


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Great googily-moogily. Ohlins, Remus, Zega boxes, V1, and a broken light for official non-poser status? The Lex Luger of two-wheelers... It's the Total Package!

Bump for a great piece of hardware in need of a good home and lots of miles. :bigthumb:

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Great googily-moogily. Ohlins, Remus, Zega boxes, V1, and a broken light for official non-poser status? The Lex Luger of two-wheelers... It's the Total Package!

Bump for a great piece of hardware in need of a good home and lots of miles. :bigthumb:
Funny stuff! I strangely get more compliments on the boo-boos by folks who know than I get crap for not having it perfectly clean/cherry. Folks who dig these bikes like to see them ridden.

A cherry GS is the moto equivalent of a chromed out Mall-Crawler FJ. :D

I am only selling it because I have taken such a liking to the FJ in the last year or so that I literally don't take the bike out any more, and I am selling it to get long travel for the FJ. And skids. And rear three link...

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If only I wasnt getting married in 5 months and wasnt closing on a house in April I would be all over this.

Good luck, what a steal of a deal.
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