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It's finally time! The BEASTWAGEN is up for sale!
If you want to know this thing inside and out, look through my previous posts, you will see the rebuild on this.


It is located in Cedar Rapids, IA 52404. I'm asking $14K/OBO.

Silver 07. Just under 99,000 miles currently. May go up if I decide to drive it. Miles are accurate. It has a motor out of a 2011 Tacoma. You can verify mileage with Fierge auto parts out of Illinois, that's where the motor came from. I did the motor swap earlier this year with no issues. I have always run Royal Purple in my engines.

Frame: this vehicle was professionally disassembled down to the bare frame. It was put on a rotisserie and triple coated with Raptor. 75 years from now, this frame will look like it does today. It was extremely expensive to do.
Frame is professional set up to go way up if that's what you're into. The front mounts are welded to the frame for a high lift. They are pictured. If you know what I'm talking about, you know what to look for. It's there and it's done well. I replaced the cross member that will need to be removed again if you go way up and need to do a differential drop. That being said, it's currently sitting on Bilsteins, and is around 2.5" lift. You can go any direction you want to with my setup. Stay the same, up, down, whatever.

I have 2 sets of wheels. Stock wheels are running over sized Toyo M/Ts that are horrible dry rotted. I've been running them that way for 3 years with no problems, but just so you are aware.

I have a BRAND NEW set of 8 hole wheels as well. Yes, they are the Toyota 8 hole wheels everyone likes. They are brand new, never mounted. I have 5. Not 4, 5. I did not purchase center caps for them. If you want to buy tires,
I'll have them installed on the wheels for you and have them on the vehicle when you pick up.
Spydertrax wheel spacers
Body chop is done, but I replace the mud flaps up front once a year, as the toyos catch them when you turn hard.
TRD cat-back, less than 5000 miles on it. Looks new.
Fab fours running boards
Fab Fours front bumper, Raptor coated
Warn winch with synthetic winch cable and upgraded to wireless winch control
Warn rear bumper, Raptor coated
Led lights in rear bumper behind each "W".
USA made LED light bar, not some Chinese knockoff
Rear carpet mat with rear rubber mat as well
Rubber mats all around
AUKEY (Sony) dash cam mounted behind mirror, you wouldn't know it was there unless you look for it
USB outlets and all kinds of fun buttons installed in dash; vehicle has A-track, Electronic locking diff, all of the factory toys as well
Rear factory storage on back door. Includes medical kit and Toyota emergency kit
Toyota wheels locks
TRD intake, less than 1000 miles on it
New battery 2 years ago at most
Alternator at the same time
New starter, water pump, all kinds of other things when I did the motor swap so it wouldn't need to be done for a decade or two
Viper 2-way remote start installed October last year

Interior up front in nice shape. I sell tools for a living, so lots of stuff has been pulled and pushed in the rear, plastics do have wear. I will have vehicle detailed before its transferred to new owner

The bad; front left suspension is very squeaky. I'm sure upper or lower CTL bushings are bad, I never cared, so I didn't fix or replace anything. If the windows are up, you rarely notice it. When you crank the wheel sitting still, suspension on front left makes a popping sound due to the very heavy tires and probably a worn steering part. It's been that way as long as I've owned it, and I didn't care, so it's still that way.
For what you're getting, I feel that's figured into the price.
I'm sure there's things I'm forgetting, I've taken great care of this beast as long as I've owned it. As I remember more toys, I will update the listing.


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Re: 2007 FJ Cruiser For Sale

I will add more pictures tomorrow.

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