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I had this up for sale several months ago but decided not to sell it after a few days. But now it is time. I have several other projects in my garage and I have decided to sell the FJ to help fund them.

I am located west of Provo in Utah.

I need to get $26,500 for it, which I think is a good fair price with all I have done to it. It has well over $10,000 of modifications listed below. All of the modifications were well researched, are of the highest possible quality and I spent endless hours and resources making sure that they were done right the first time. Some of you can appreciate that.

I have done regular maintenance on the vehicle and it is currently running synthetic oil. It has always been kept in a garage. I have used it on mild trails but it has never been abused. There are some scratches on the rear bumper and slight scratches in different areas of the sides of the car from brush. Nothing serious. Otherwise this truck is in perfect shape. I took good care of it.

For most of the time I owned it, it was not my daily driver and it sat in the garage most of the time. I have driven it daily now for the past few months.

It handles great on the freeway with all the comforts, but it is also ready to hit the trails immediately.

Part of my vision for this FJ was what my kids term “operation black-out”. All of the silver accents commonly found on the FJ’s have been replaced or blacked out.

The suspension is incredible, fully armored underneath, rock sliders, dual batteries and it even has a CB installed in the center console so you can communicate on the trails and has a bracket in the rear for a CO2 tank.

Here are the details:

2007 FJ Cruiser – TRD Edition
Color: Black Diamond with Black Diamond roof
Mileage is currently 54,500 and some change.

List of mods:

E3.68 Spark plugs
Running Mobile 1 synthetic oil
K&N Filter
Black Trail Team side view mirrors
Bushwacker fender flares
Wet Okole seat covers - Front only
Body mount chop professionally done
M-pac Storage system in the rear. Set up to hold an O2 system
Relocated rear diff and e-locker breathers
Black door handles installed
Royal purple synthetic oil in front & rear Diffs and transfer case
Hi-lift brackets on roof rack - Demello
Cobra CB - Model 75 wx st installed in center console
Bandi mount used for antenna

Front bumper:
Expedition-1 front bumper – Designed to fit a SuperWinch winch.

Lighting and electrical:
Roof rack light bar w/2 510 ATP and 2 fog PIAA lights
2 - PIAA Driving lights on front bumper
2 - PIAA fog lights on front bumper
2 - PIAA flood lights mounted on rear of roof rack
Factory switches used for all lights in factory locations
Rear and front LED park lights / turn signals
Silverstar Ultras headlights
Fully integrated dual battery set-up

Wheels and tires:
5 - Pro Comp 305/65R17 Xtreme MT tires bought 5/12/10
5 - Pro Comp flat black wheels 7098 5/12/10

Front adjustable coilovers and shocks - Sway-a-way (Race Runner)
Total Chaos front upper control arms
Rear Race Runner shocks
Med OME springs in back
Provides a 3+ inch lift

Full skids set underneath - Bud Built Stainless Steel
Bud Built Rock Sliders w/bump out
Ricochet front lower control arm armor
Bud Built stainless steel Rear Diff armor
Toy Outfitters rear lower control arms
Rear LCAs skid plates

Please let me know if you have any questions. I can also email you more pictures if interested. Thanks for looking!


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This is the absolute nicest FJ I've ever seen in person in my life. Seriously. Moose did a PERFECT build in my mind. I've seen the work up close and personal, and if I hadn't burned through my savings while out of work I would buy it myself.

I'll let him know people are interested and see if it is gone yet. I wouldn't be surprised if it has sold, but I will check in with him. He's also on the utahcruisers forums, so you might want to check in there with him and see if he still has it if you're interested. It would be a smart choice. It looks brand new.

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Amazing build! Bump

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Hey Everyone,

Sorry that I have been AWOL for a few weeks. Life got the better of me!

It's funny, it is so hard to part with the FJ and I keep going hot and cold on whether or not to sell it. Its funny how attached you get to things. I need to make a decision and go with it.

Thanks BamBam for your kind words. I did put a lot of work in building up the FJ and tried to do it right.

So officially, the FJ is still for sale.

I will say this, I really dislike selling cars to individuals out of state (so why put it on the forum right?) and I greatly prefer that if you are out of state and want to talk seriously about buying the FJ that you have a third party come and check it out for you before you pull the trigger. I have been honest in my description of the rig and I don't have any worries, but the car will be sold "as is" and I just don't like surprises for anyone.

If interested please send me a PM or email me at [email protected] I promise to be a little more attentive.

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