Sadly, its time for me to part ways with one of my favorite vehicles. I am selling my 2008 FJ (4WD -Auto). As much as I have loved her for all these years since I bought her brand new, my families life has changed and I need something else now. So I want to see her go to somebody who will love her as much as I have.

I bought this truck because I live in NH where we get winter weather that my old minivan couldn't handle, and also because I wanted to do some wheeling. And oh boy can she have fun on the trails. I have also found her to be unstoppable in any weather. Even stock she did well, but I quickly gave her some upgrades so she could do more and do it safely. So let me tell you about her.

What's good and what have I added that you might care about?:
She only has 104882 miles on her.
I had upgraded to a full set of icon fronts and rear stuff which rode great, but after the 5th spring broke with not so much as an apology from the vendor I decided to change brands, so she now has three brands of suspension parts: The upper a-arms are billet icons, as are the rear links. The front coil-overs are Fox, and the rear springs are old man emus. This setup gives a great balance of lift, ride, articulation, and reliability that the icons alone couldn't do.
I have a Superwinch EP9.0 tucked into the bumper on a "hidden" mount. I honestly dont remember who made it, but its been bulletproof.
The sliders are Trail gear heavy duty sliders. They are very strong and the mount is very solid. I have supported the truck on them many times. They stick out further than a lot of sliders in this area, which on our narrow trails adds a little challenge sometimes, but they have protected my doors well and sticking out makes them a great jack point as well.
I have replaced the radio with an alpine unit that has Bluetooth and a microphone input (also sounds pretty good).
I embedded a Cobra 75WXST into the center console, so when you're not wheeling you can remove the handset and it takes up no room.
Current tires are some BFG all-terrains with a lot of tread left (see photo. I didn't have a penny handy, so I used a quarter)
Some minor stuff, but still handy: Hi-lift mount point on the rack (I can throw in the hi-lift with the sale if you want). rear door axe mount (I keep the axe, it was a gift). Flashlight handle replacement, extinguisher mount in the rear, floor mats are heavy duty rubber

What's not great that you might care about?
I dont like wasting anyones time, so this is a list of flaws. The truck is not new, its gonna have a few flaws.
In 2009 during an offroad recovery i was pulled (gently) sidewise into a tree. There is a small scuff and a small dent in the right rear panel.
I live in NH, which means tight trails. Which means branches sticking into the trail. So there are some cosmetic depth scrapes along the doors. I am too lazy to buff them out and hide them with wax.
The drivers seat has a small wear hole (see photo). There is a tiny hole in the back of the passenger headrest.
The TPMS light is on. The batteries in the wheel sending units have long ago lost their charge and since in NH there is no requirement for that light to be off for inspections I haven't bothered replacing them. Any reputable tire place can do it for you if you find that important.
There is some cosmetic rust in some places. Its spent 15 years in NH, its gonna happen. Luckily the rust is minor. The worst of it seems to be on the sliders and winch parts, but that is all cosmetic as well. Frame is in great shape and i dont know of any body rust.

What about maintenance and wear stuff?
Been using full synthetic oil from the start, changed religiously.
Even though I dont really need to, been using 93 octane gas the whole time too.
The front seatbelts were starting to get slow to retract so I replaced them both.
Headlight bulbs, wipers, engine air and cabin filters are all new.
Brake pads are new in the last 5k miles or so, front calipers were also replaced recently
gas tank straps are new (a common rusting wear problem that you wont have to worry about)
And for the first time in my life I just had the inside of the truck detailed (cleaned by a pro) so you can start with a clean slate
Everything in the drivetrain runs great with no leaks and even with all the mods she gets roughly 17 mpg.

A note about payment:
Sadly, I have been the victim of a scam buy in the past. I accepted an electronic payment for a sizable amount and as soon as the buyer left my property they reverse the payment. I had to fight for a long time and ultimately did not get all my money. I am nowhere near rich or patient enough to go through that again. For this reason there are exactly two ways I will take payment.
1. I will take cash. US dollars for the exact amount handed over in person. I will count it all right in front of you and only when we both smile do I sign over the title and hand you keys.
2. If you do not want to do cash and must use a bank it must be a bank with a local branch. We will meet at that bank where you will do a bank transfer to my account in my presence. Once that transfer is confirmed by me I will sign over the title and hand you keys. Obviously this one will require a little more setup time. I really prefer the cash option.

If you want to know anything else about the truck, please ask.