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I bought this 2008 FJ Cruiser in May of 2014.
I am a licensed ham radio operator, volunteer for the Baker to Vegas race, and San Diego animal rescue team. My career is in public safety.
I wanted a 4X4 that could be a daily driver, carry me, and on occasion my teenage boys, camping and off roading trips around southern California.
My goal was to install lights and communications equipment to handle my everyday life in addition to my pleasure trips and volunteer missions.
I have installed a Yaesu FT-8900 radio for day to day comms on local repeaters and such. I’m running a short ‘ducky’ antenna, because I park in the garage at home. A high gain dual band antenna is used on long trips. APRS radio is a Yaesu FT-1900 with a TinyTrak from Byonics.
There are two glass mount antennas, one dual band that is on my APRS and the other is a scanner antenna for my trunk tracker that is on safety, and air band.
Some of the equipment is from my previous truck and others were bought new for this install.
The front amber is from Galls.
The front off road LED bar and rear amber LEDs are from the Online LED store.
The FT-8900 is inside the right rear quarter panel. Programming cable is just inside the removable panel on top of fender well. Wired to battery power.
The FT-1900 is inside the left rear panel. Wired to ignition power. APRS programming is just inside the removable ‘door’ where you access spare tire tools.
I bought laser engraved switches from Amazon. I like the switches for the money. Nicer ones are avail for twice the price.
The rear white LED is from Amazon.
I have a central fuse block installed on the firewall above the drivers left foot. Fused to the battery.
One 12V line is power pole and ready to go on passenger side foot-well.
USB and cigar plug to battery installed on the back of my Tuffy center console.

I've included these for reference only. I have no interest in any company. Just want my fellow FJ Cruiser owners to be informed.
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