Hello! I am north of the border (Canadian) and looking to buy the right FJ in the US or Canada. I’m specifically wanting a 2010-2014 (prefer 2013/2014) in 6 speed manual, lower mileage also preferred, clean and rust free (or minimal rust), and preferably loaded with all or most options available on the FJ, and IF possible to find one in Quicksand would be a dream come true! However I’d take pretty much any color at this point as it’s hard enough to find one this specific as it is here. They are hard enough to find in Canada, and our examples here are nice but so few and far in between when it comes to the 2010+ 6spd. Most are rusted or higher mileage but I’m more so looking for that clean US low mileage type which you’re all familiar with. This will be a fly-in and drive-out purchase. Please no salvage titles or anything crazy, no horror stories, want a clean accident free truck! This is my dream truck so let’s not make it a nightmare.