2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser w/preferred package. $16500 OBO. I had intentions to turn this into my camping/“expedition” vehicle but I honestly just don’t have time for a second vehicle. So it has a 1.5” lift, w/Bilstein 5100 adjustable shocks, total chaos front upper control arms (Heim joints), all-pro rear lower control arms, and toy-tec heavy duty springs so I could do steel bumpers and be ok loaded down w/gear too. Has e-locker rear and and A-trac front “locker”. 173k miles. The heim joints are supposed to be easier to replace, and stronger than stock ball joints. The downside is you have to grease them regularly or they start squeaking, so I have replacement stock front upper control arms if you’d want to go back. Also comes with replacement front brake pads. Was told the ones on there were fine, so I have them waiting to be put on. The tires on there oughta get you through the summer, but you would need a new set come winter. Slight bumper damage from a dumbass backing into me in the Home Depot parking lot. Other various small dents and scratches from off-roading and dogs and other ****. New battery and oil change last Friday. And of course a cracked windshield because FJ.