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Agree with TC, if it will run on an alternate fuel source you have removed the tank, filter, pump and a portion of the hoses. I would do several things:
1. By pass the relay circuit and run the pump directly from a key-on source, but make sure you use a fuse equal to the current fuse in the circuit or something appropriate for the wire size leading to the pump. This will tell you if there is an issue with current supply side to from the pump to the engine. If the engine runs normally, you know it is current supply, if the engine does not run normally, but stays running, then you may have a flow restriction or weak pump.
2. If that works and engine runs normally, then you need to determine where in the circuit the issue exists, typically it will be the fuel pump relay.
3. if this does not work properly, then you will need to determine where your pressure/flow issue exists, by following the diagnosis in the manual.
3a. Attach gauge and test for system pressure, which if not then it may point to the pump or return pressure valve. The pump flow rate can be tested as well as the valves forward and aft pressures.

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