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I've had my 2010 FJ for a week now and not having my Sirius in it is killing me!!! My goal is to make the factory installed head unit control the Sirius. So I read some posts on here saying to get a TOY-SC1 kit and the Sirius SCC1 Tuner. The company I ordered from had the SCC1 on backorder... so they sent me the video capable SCV1 :clap:

I get everything plugged in as it should be, and just as a quick ops check (before I re-assemble the dashboard) I alligator clipped power from my cigarette lighter to the power leads of the SCV1. With the ignition switch to "ON", I press the AM/SAT button on my FJammer. You can imagine my surprise when only AM worked :flame:

I realize this is a fairly new unit... is there some outrageous thing I need to do... like hook a computer to the head unit and program it to work? There's a note in the instructions about unplugging the XM tuner if its installed, but I can't imagine they would put an XM unit in the car only to charge me $700 to simply plug it in. I would really appreciate anyone's help!
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