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2010 Transmission Slipping... Here We Go Again

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2010 5AT Base 4WD 120k miles bone stock - for now.

Getting on the freeway and getting up to speed, it hangs up around 2-3 or 3-4 (can't tell) for a second or two, hesitates, and then drops in to gear. It does not knock or jerk hard. Just .. slips in. This has happened twice now in the last week. And this is the first week out of 1k miles it has happened. ALL other speeds and scenarios (coming to stop, from a stop, slow street driving, etc.) it shifts smoothly and quietly. Honeslty shifts like a damn dream compared to my last ride.

What I know:
Goin through this forum inside and out, I have rarely seen anyone talk about a trans fail. This is great. However, I've read lots of talk about checking levels and checking them properly. I do not need knowledge on procedure , i've read up and have threads and videos saved. Thank you. However, I would like some feedback on anyones experience with a similar issue. If it sounds like the beginning of catastrophic failure, If this is cause of ATF being low, certain solenoids going out, etc. etc.

I bought this truck 1k miles ago and have a good idea of the service history of the vehicle. I haven't checked the trans level yet but only because I have records that the transmission was serviced 2 years ago. For what? That's the question I do not have an answer to. Was fluid exchanged? Was it flushed? Reman? I wish i knew.

I've had my fair share of trans problems with previous cars. So much so that I'm pretty sure I have PTSD from having to rebuild my last 2 rides:
02 Rav4 4wd - it was a long process that started with drain and fills, replacing solenoids, replacing ecu, and then finally emptied my pockets and rebuilt
99 Chevy S10 - I was a kid and made too many poor decisions; donuts, pedal to the metal, etc. Eventually blew it out on a long trip to Vegas.

Because of this I literally have money saved for big repairs, especially transmission issues up to a full rebuild if necessary. I bought the FJ knowing that this transmission is closer to bullet proof than most others, but knowing you're always rolling the dice on a used vehicle, I guess snake eyes may be on the horizon with this roll. LET'S HOPE IT'S SEVENS!!
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It does sound like it was a bit high… when was the last time it was changed per your records? Sounds like they didn’t follow the full procedure properly
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