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2010 w/121k front wheel bearings

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Had some grumbling coming from the front end, diagnosed it to be front wheel bearings. Purchased pre-assembled hub/bearings from yotabearingsandhubs. Was happy to confirm my diagnosis today when I went to do them. Installed today totally mangled my dust covers pulling them, so I can’t complete the job until later this week. Had a minor about of skepticism on these parts so I’m interested in posting my results after some summer abuse in the Rockies. (Dorman hub and koyo bearing).
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You did pull the axle so you could replace that damaged “dust” seal from the back side of the knuckle, right? Use the tin axle nut cover as your seal installer😏
Negative, just cleaned er out real good and re sat the spring band cleaned the mate face and rolled on.
How did you know it was your wheel bearings? And which side? When you're running, does it go away when you turn?
Jack it up so both front tires are off the ground grab the spring and spin the tire. Dry bearing will transfer a lot of harshness out that way to the point you can feel it. Mine was sending enough droning vibration into the cabin that initially thought u joints, but I was only in 2wd so that u joint was not spinning. Longer sweeping highway corners could feel a change and then it would come back when I leveled out again.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts