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2010 with 35s?

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Hey guys looking to put some new tires on the truck. But i am having some difficulty deciding on the size. I have read so many threads on the subject, but still need some input.

I have a 2010 with Icon coils, aftermarket ucas, stock TT wheels and 1.5" spacers. I am going to do a body chop this weekend.

Also as most of you guys know, the regear for 2010s isnt available yet. I dont feel like switching the whole rear axle/spending all that doe anyway.....

I do daily drive this truck about 60 miles a day. Fortunately i have a fuel card with work so the MPG loss isnt a big deal to me, just more stops at the station.... I realize by doing this i will lose some power off the line, but 95% of my driving is highway so that wont bother me to much. Any other problems to note?

Soooo that being said, would you guys go with 34s or 35s? I really like the look of the truck with 35s and want to go that route, but im scared since this is my daily driver.

Can i expect any problems with my drivetrain down the road by doing 35s?
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I drive on 35"s and my mpg dropped way down...the power loss is not so much a issue and if your on the highway and have even small hills the trans will downshift constantly. I just put the trans in 4 drive instead of overdrive and that solves that issue.You have a company paid gas card...use that baby for sure! :rocker: You can stuff 35" tires with your setup as many have done so. I would prefer a bigger lift if you want to really flex out the suspension...that is you go offroad alot..If not it looks cool either way :cheers:
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