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I recently picked up my first FJ, an Army Green 2011. The previous owner replaced the stock head unit with a Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX. Both the steering wheel controls and usb port don't work, so I bought a Maestro RR and HRN-RR-TO1 harness with the hopes of correcting that.

I went to install the Maestro, and when i pull the Pioneer out, I found an AXXESS TYTO-01 and AXXESS ASWC-1 installed.

2011 FJ Cruiser
Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX
Stock JBL system with amp

My questions...

Do I leave the AXXESS TYTO-01 in when I install the Maestro RR and harness? (I've read that the 8200nex will only work with JBL system if the TYTO-01 is installed)


Do I remove the AXXESS TYTO-01 & ASWC-1 and then install the Maestro RR and harness?

Any help with all of this is really appreciated!
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