Sadly I've decided to let my beloved FJ go. I bought this stock with 16k on the clock and have never really used it as a daily driver. It runs beautifully and is a pleasure to drive. We've had adventures from coast to coast and everywhere in between from Alaska to Mexico. I realize this may not be everybody's cup of tea but there ya go...I've downsized to moto camping as my dog died a couple years ago and no longer have my camping buddy. The FJ has gone mostly unused for the last few years but has been attended to, cared for and driven locally on a regular basis.

NOTE: It obviously no longer has a roof rack as I eventually preferred to keep things inside and have less wind noise when driving.

Some mods:

Billstein 6112 coilover kit up front
Billstein 5100 in back
Old Man Emu heavy springs
MetalTech bumpers front and back
AirAid intake
Doug Thorley downpipe
Borla full exhaust
Chip Tune (on pedal)
Level 8 wheels
Outback outfitters drawer (with rack above)
Spidertrax wheel spacers
New bfg ko3’s (less than 3k on them, spare 0 miles)
Kenwood stereo (connects thru usb or cd)
JL audio door and dash speakers + JL Audio dual 8" powered sub
Hella super tone x2
New windshield lol
PIAA 520 white x2
PIAA 520 amber x2
Ricochet skid plate up front
Optima battery
Every light outside and inside was replaced with Diode Dynamics led's
GZilla cb mount (cb included)

Some quirks:

There is no back seat. Yes, you can buy an oem set for pretty cheap and install it easily. In it's place is a custom made metal frame with wood insert platform that bolts in. I've been using this for photo and camping equipment in cases that can be tied down with e-track straps and clips.

Yes, there is some surface rust in areas but the under carriage has been coated every winter with por15 and touched up as needed.

I replaced the rear door some years ago as the tire carrier was bent and indented the door smh. There is a yellow/white sticker covering some chipped paint. No accidents ever though.

It needs a glove box door (if you're into that kind of thing)

There are some small holes in plastic areas as I've needed to mount things over the years.

You might want to rewire the fog lights

Some extras that you can have (if you choose) that I don't need anymore:

x2 Pelican cases that fit side by side in the rear drawer. One orange and one grey. I used them for medical and tire repair / road service equip. I'd be happy to include some of that stuff too actually. Recovery straps, kinetic rope, flat repair kit, jacks etc..(hi-lift + bottle + Hi-lift base that can work with hi-lift or bottle jack.)

x2 Large Pelican case that can fit on back interior rack or back seat platform. I used 2 of these for camera gear and camping stuff to be strapped down so nothing ever bounced around. A couple fire extinguishers, a rear tire mounted Ignik propane tank, trasharoo bag, tons of little tools and things like torque wrench, fuses etc...

x3 1.75ga white water Rotopax.

It's weird, it's wonderful, it's ready to go.

Thanks for looking. If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer, just shoot me a DM.