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Hello all!

I received a gift card to 4 Wheel parts in the amount of $250 as part of their spend big save big promo. Was under the impression that it would be a VISA card but as it turns out it can only be used at their store. I don't really need anything for that amount and definitely don't need to spend more to get what I want so I though I would offer it up to the DFW crowd. If it didn't have an expiration date I would just hang onto it but I expires in approx 6 months.
If you were already planning to buy something from them then here is your chance to save a little on your purchase, 12% to be exact.

I am looking to get $220 for the card and I can bring to the Bone Daddys get together on the 12th or we can meet at 4WP which ever you prefer.

All else fails I'll get some recovery gear.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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