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I wasn't sure where to post this so I put it here.
Next January I turn 40 and I tried to think of something to do for myself. What I came up with is a road trip with the FJ. What I'm looking for is some input from all of you as to some sites to take in along the way. I'm going to set aside 2 full weeks for this trip.
This is what I have come up with for a route. Start out in Savannah, Ga. Make a 2-3 day stop in Davenport, Iowa to visit friends. Continue on to Yellow Stone National Park (never been there), then on to Yosemite (never been), next is Moab 1 or 2 days (been there once going back in June), Grand Canyon and then back to Savannah. I would like to do some lite wheelin along the way. Nothing too crazy because I've got a little over 6000 miles to cover. It would be nice to also meet some fellow FJ nuts along the way.
I also plan to do a trip log on the forum.

Ok now give me some more ideas.

Thank you in advance for input. :cheers:
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