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So I have a little dilemma trying to figure out who I should go through to get the stuff done to my FJ that I want. Trick Trucks in Virginia has given me this price quote and I want to know if it is who I should go with. Here is the price list as follows.

Fender Flairs: Price - $554.95
Shockworks Washer: (I have to relocate my 2010 windshield washer fluid)- $289.95
Rear BPR TC TOY FJ 07-10 Metal Bumper Part Number FJ07T11501- $3,199.95
Labor: $880.00
Materials: $80.00
Tax: $242.54

So that was the quite that they gave me. Maybe I am a little shocked at what I thought it was going to cost but wow. Is this normal or is this type of stuff really high? Guidance in this would be extremely helpful. I also was not sure if this is where I was supposed to put this threat.


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