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Come join us this Saturday to run the Cherry Creek trail (near Globe and Young, AZ). And, to see if it's possible to squeeze yet another candle on Don's (Wikid's) birthday cake. :bdaysmile:

Date: Saturday, May 21st

Rendezvous time: 8:30am

Rendezvous location: Highway 88 @ Highway 288

CB Channel: 7 (and/or GMRS channel 7)

Trail difficulty: Stock FJ's or better

Duration: All day

Please PM me to let us know you're coming (and to get my cell phone number).

See ya Saturday!! :cheers: :cheers:

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ooh cool... I've never actually completed that route, went out there once and got turned around by historically high water (ranchers were using boats to reach their homes).

If I do make it, I promise not to mention my age near Don...
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