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Registration is now open for the 5th Amnual Mardi Krawl. Click here to get to the registration page: The Official Website For Mardi Krawl

You can also follow us on FB to get up to date info about the event:

To get the best price, make sure you get registered before the end of Jan.

If you've been to Mardi Krawl before we want to make sure that everyone is aware of some changes to the event.

1. When you pre-register you will now be paying for ALL your event and park fees up front. You will be able to reserve RV sites and pay for campsites thru our registration page as well. This means, unless you decide to bring an extra passenger or add a meal ticket when you get there, then you will pay nothing when you get to the park. Just don't forget to bring your money for the all important raffle tickets.

2. Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad Park will be closed for our event. So, no more atv's and side by sides running through the campsite. We will have the park to ourselves. Plus you will see that Mark has gated off the camping area so no more going thru the campsite to get to the trails.

3. During pre-registration you will see an option for a Thur meal ticket. We are going to have an intimate dinner like we have not had before with great La cuisine, some ambience and at the Lodge (weather permitting). If you will be there on Thur evening this will be a not-to-miss dinner.

4. During pre-registration you will also see an option for $5 lunches on Fri and Sat. We have tried in the past to get a food vendor there and we are working on another but if we are unable to get someone to do this we will do it ourselves. We WILL have lunch available on Fri and Sat one way or the other. We will NOT be doing breakfast.

If you have any questions about the registration process or any of the changes we have made please feel free to send an email to [email protected]. You can also add [email protected] to your contacts to guarantee emails from our website dont get thrown into spam.
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