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Hey guys,

I've got an 09 and I recently found myself in a ditch while playing around on some trails near my house. Long story short, I crushed my front right bumper and dented in my skid plate... Ultimately, it seemed completely cosmetic.

Then I realized that my normal headlights didn't work, but my brights did. However, when my brights were on, the blue indicator light did not also turn on like it normally does.

I was hoping to investigate but I had to deploy :/ so I didn't really have time. While I was away, my wife was driving it to work (I asked her to drive it once a week or so to keep everything running smoothly) and it died on her in the middle of the highway. Literally just shut off. She said she saw the battery light come on at the last second and all the electronics flashed on and off.

Luckily, we have USAA who came and towed her home. The tech said it was almost certainly the alternator. To his credit, I was hearing some of what I think was the telltale "alternator whine" right before I left so I think he's right. However, before I just go replacing it, I can't help but feel that maybe there's a bad ground or something from my ditch dive. I would hate to replace it just to have this happen again.

I'm, not asking for anyone to diagnose this for me, but I'm pretty handy with electronics at work. Hoping I can find some good diagrams and advice on how to go about learning more and fixing my baby. Thanks in advance for the advice!

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Here are links to the electrical diagrams for you!

- FJ Cruiser Repair Manual

It does kind of sound like two separate issues (headlights could have been from the impact, broken wire(s); alternator would be a simple explanation for dying while driving), but it is unlikely that two separate issues would occur at the same time. Hopefully you can find a common thread in these schematics.

Thank you for your service, sir.
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