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A little tire help please

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Hey so im pretty new to the whole after-market scene, but I've finally gotten together enough flow to turn my FJ into the animal it deserves to be.

So Im looking to throw on some BFG AT KO tires on my stock 17in alloy rims.
I'd like to upgrade the tires first but I want to get size 285/70/17 on there. However, I have come to the conclusion from previous threads that this size will not work without some kind of lift right?

So my question is it worth it to have some spacers installed to use those size tires? I only plan on having the spacers until i get the money for a 3" revtek lift in the future, whereby at that time I would have the spacers removed.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Thanks for the help.

Ive put some thought into what you guys have said and I agree, it would definetely be a better investment to do it all at once. And I think thats what Im going to end up doing. Cant wait!!

Good call.:cheers:
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