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2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser
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Yes. It's a Storm Trooper themed FJ build...

Thanks for tuning into this build thread! A little background... This is the first FJ I've owned and I've had it for just over a year now. I came from a lowered sports car and knew little to nothing about the offroad community. I knew I wanted something that was capable of holding my photo/video gear and something that could take me places I wanted to go explore, which would lead me to my dream vehicle in high school.


It was quite surreal purchasing this FJ. I had always thought they were the coolest SUV's out of the Toyota line. In high school, I designed a handful of graphics of the FJ and thought to myself how cool it would be to own one in the future. Well, fast forward to 4 years later after, owning my own business, I was able to finally purchase a 2010 Iceberg FJ Cruiser.

I'm a filmmaker and photographer based out of Seattle, WA, so naturally, I love to document things and that includes this build, the trips I go on, and everything else! I hope that someone can find some inspiration from this build thread to not only plan their own build but get out and document their own adventures as well. I still have many places I want to go and many things I want to add on this FJ, but it's all a process!

---> Instagram: @projectcruiser <---

Here is a quick before photo of when I bought it and an after photo of what it looks like today amidst this coronavirus outbreak on May 6th, 2020...





Now... Let the Lost Storm Trooper build thread begin!
I'll be going over each "topic" listed below in more depth throughout the following weeks, maybe months... time will tell. It'll include photos, the process, and my thoughts on each modification. I'll have this post linked to updated posts of the particular topic. I'm excited to start sharing these soon!

00. Purchasing an FJ Cruiser / Initial Thoughts
01. Suspension
02. Tires and Wheels
03. Recovery
04. Roof Rack / Accessories
05. Storage
06. Lighting
07. Battery / Electronic Management Systems
08. Bumper / Skids / Rock Sliders
09. Camping Setup
10. Future Projects
11. Useful Links (Coming Soon)

Quick Overview Of Topics

Purchasing an FJ Cruiser

With many searches for the "perfect" FJ, I found myself even looking at Tacoma's, 4Runner's, and even Tundra's. But of course, the dream still lived on to own an FJ. After about two months of searching, I found the perfect one. A 2010 Iceberg with about 100k miles and an awesome A-Trac system that also had Rear Lockers. Besides that, it was bone stock, no modifications, and was both mechanically/cosmetically sound. After some negotiating and paperwork, I was on my way as an official FJ owner.

My first initial thoughts were that I had to get used to being "so high" off of the ground as I previously owned a lowered Infiniti G35. I also had to get used to that body roll and dip when braking. However, I loved everything about it. The character, the style, the doors being inconvenient more than convenient for passengers, everything about it was and still is awesome. Also... the blind spots weren't nearly as bad as some made it to be. Will at that said, this would all start the idea of beginning to mod the FJ...

  • Toytec Boss 3" Lift Kit
  • 650 LB Front Silver Coilovers
  • SPC Upper Control Arms
  • Toytec Diff Drop
  • Wheelers SuperBump Bumpstops
Tires and Wheels
  • 285/75/17 BFG KO2
  • Stealth Custom Series F5
  • Body Mount Chop
  • Stainless Steel Extended Brake Lines
  • Warn VR EVO 8-s Winch
  • Custom Splice Offset Fairlead
  • Warn SideWinder
  • MaxTrax
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Tools
  • First Aid Kit
  • Axe and Shovel
  • Tire Repair Kit
Roof Rack / Accessories
  • Front Runner Slimline II and Mounts
  • Roam Adventure Co. Awning
  • Plano Gun Storage Box (For Recovery/Tools)
  • Front Runner Table and Rack Mount
  • Raceway Channels for Wiring
  • Tactilian US Flag Magnet (+10 HP)
  • Custom Drawer System
  • Rago Fab Modular Storage Panels
  • Plano Boxes
  • Molle Panels
  • M-Pac Springtail Rear Door Folding Molle Rack
  • OEM Toyota Rear Door Storage System
  • Front Runner Cub Packs
  • Front Runner Typhoon Bags
  • ExtremeLED 38" X6S Light Bar
  • ExtremeLED Scene Lights
  • Hella 500 Lights
  • ARB Fog Lights
  • Diode Dynamic Lights (Interior/Exterior)
Battery / Electronics
  • sPOD Touchscreen System
  • ScanGauge II
  • Odyssey 34R-1500
  • Pioneer AVH-2550NEX
  • Dash Cam
Bumper / Skids / Rock Sliders
  • ARB Front Bumper
  • OEM Rock Sliders
  • TRD Skid Plate
Camping Setup
  • Yeti Tundra 45
  • Gazelle 4-Person Tent
  • Camp Chef 2-Burner Stove
  • GSI Pots/Pans
  • Front Runner Table
  • REI Table
  • Front Runner Chairs
  • REI Chairs
Future Projects (Currently In Boxes At Home)
  • Nitro 4.56 Regear
  • Icon Rear Links
  • Icon Rear UCA
  • Snorkel
  • Diode Dynamics Amber Mirror Lights
  • Total Chaos Welded Spindle Gussets
  • CB Radio
Now that we have some of that out of the way, for now at least, let's talk about some other things...
  • What was the motivation/inspiration for this build?
This entire forum has inspired me and motivated me! Of course, I have themed this build as a Storm Trooper vehicle to keep things fun. But it's truly been great to see everyone else's build in this forum as well as people I follow on Instagram.

I want to keep this build clean, not too loud, and functional. Everything I have, I want to serve a purpose in an efficient way. I don't want to add things for the sake of adding it. I want this FJ to take me anywhere I want to go without things getting in the way of that.
  • Who did the work on my FJ?
About 75% of these mods were done by me. A lot of the information I found was actually from this forum.

The other 25% were done by a friend who is a mechanic as well as Mule Expedition here in Washington state. My friend helped with the suspension and Mule Expedition installed the bumper and winch.
  • Would I have done anything differently?
Totally. I probably would have waited on the lift kit and got something like the OME BP51. I love the adjustability. Of course, there are other brands that offer the same functionalities. But I really wanted something that could be rebuildable at a local shop. Mule Expedition offers that. That way, I'm not car-less for weeks on end.

I would have also waited on the OEM rock sliders. Although I did get this for a fraction of the cost. Getting something with a kick out would be nice. It would have also been great for a step.

Those are really the only two things I could think of when doing things differently. Everything else, I've been super happy with.









That's it for now! Thanks for listening to my TED Talk.
Haha, also a major thanks to everyone who has contributed to this FJ forum. It's been rad to see everyone's builds, their tutorials, and stories. I'm looking forward to see more in the near future! I'll be following up with this thread soon with useful links that have helped me in my build. It's been just over a year since buying it and I still have some more I want to do. Both with builds and adventures!

If any of you are interested, feel free to follow along on Instagram! There's definitely more photos on the way! Instagram: @projectcruiser


Lost Storm Trooper

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Great write-up & pics!
D 馃 馃惍

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Looking to add an ARB real soon with a much needed suspension upgrade (original owner and 200k mile is time). I see you listed the Warn ZR Evo 8. Any fitment issues? I had an M8000 in a 96 4Runner many moons ago, but saw Warn had released some new models and wanted to try it out. Build looks great!

2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser
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Looking to add an ARB real soon with a much needed suspension upgrade (original owner and 200k mile is time). I see you listed the Warn ZR Evo 8. Any fitment issues? I had an M8000 in a 96 4Runner many moons ago, but saw Warn had released some new models and wanted to try it out. Build looks great!
No fitment issues! Fits like a glove with the ARB bumper

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Your photography is awesome and does the FJ justice! Great write up! See ya out there soon!

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