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After months of researching and dreaming about the FJ, I picked up a new TT SE last weekend. What a machine! I want to thank Kansas Law Dog for his great spreadsheet. It was a great help. This is a great forum, and thanks to all for the education over the last 8 weeks. I do have a couple of questions...

1. I have 200 miles on it, and just realized I've been driving in 4 instead of D. Would doing this cause any harm?

2. I just installed the Toyota hood protector (my first mod) and 1 of the 10mm nuts cannot be tightened. Can that threaded stud be replaced by the dealer under warranty? Also, when attaching the mylar strips, I didn't use any 3M Prep Solvent-70. Who has that stuff in the garage?

3. What happened to the Iceberg paint? My sticker calls it Warm White.

4. Can someone tell me how you can take a brand new TT through the bushes and over rocks without worry? Sounds like a lot of fun...but I think I need to get use to the water temp before I dive in Head First!!!

5. The Fjammer and system sound pretty good to me. Who manufactures that deck? And the 9 speakers? I was surprised that the XM SAT worked without adding any other equipment.

6. What do you use to dress up the interior plastic, when it gets scuffed up?

7. Picked up a Winplus Vehicle Back-Up Camera from Costco. Anyone have any tips for installing that? Will tapping in to the taillights void the warranty?

Thanks in advance.
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