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So I have had my 2008 Sandstorm FJ for about 3 weeks and have been rapidly spending myself into oblivion. Most of the gear is here, and am just waiting on lift kit, bumpers, and winch to arrive. Between now and then I will start prepping for the electrical install.

I have my dual-battery kit coming, and have been perusing the TONS of threads on this forum (my piddly lifetime support membership will EASILY be paid for after this). Below is a list of what I am installing:

- Dual Battery
- PIAA 520 Fog
- PIAA 520 Driving
- Xantrax Inverter
- Cobra 75 CB Radio
- Bazooka Amplifier
- Spare 12V in front (constant)
- Spare 12V in rear (ignition)
- Spare 12V in rear (constant)
- Additional 12 Fusebox (driver under dash w/bracket @ 4ignition x 2constant)
- Additional 6 Fusebox (passenger footwell @ 4ignition x 2constant)

Some Questions:
- Is it better to fuse in front of a relay?
- Does anyone ever fuse their winch or just use the safety switch?
- Has anyone ever put in a block for the 12V remote/relay lines or is it just easier to run them as needed?
- For the Xantrax 1000W inverter, is running 1/0 back to it overkill, or can I get away with 2-gauge or 4-gauge? Looking at the power/wire charts, it looks like 2-gauge would work.

Attached is my attempt at a wiring document using the examples set forth by the many before me (thanks all, you know who you are). I plan on having a Blue Sea Marine chop fuse block on each side of the car modded to provide 4 ignition and 2 hot per fuse block. Driver's block just powers stuff related to the car, and the passenger block will power the rear/aux gear. But you get the idea. If anyone would like to look this over and provide advice/recommendations or see problems, I would be grateful.


Edit: To add some color/thoughts/reasoning
- I am putting a 40A fuse in front of each 40A relay to be used by the 4 ignition-powered fuse block slots. I was going to use a add-a-fuse tap as the relay signal for each one.
- I like the other idea I saw of using an always-on fuse slot and a relay in front of the always-on slots on the fuse blocks and then if needed can make them ignition by moving the add-a-fuse as the relay, but I don't think I will fill up slots very fast.
- As it is, I should just have to poke the relays triggers for the fog lights switch and the power feed through the firewall, and keep the rest in the car. The less I have to go through the firewall, the better, and I plan on dedicated grommets whenever possible.


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