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If anyone needs the background on adding the A-Trac option, please read through the previous thread: 2 cheap and easy A-TRAC hacks - Toyota FJ Cruiser Forum

Here's the process: 1. Remove the small cover under the parking brake. You can insert a screwdriver under the edge to pop it up - no screws.

2. Take out the rubber cup holder separator in the back of the center console and remove the 2 bolts with a 10mm socket.

3. Pull the top of the center console (around the shifters) straight up with your hands. It is held by clips and pulls up easily. Unscrew the 4wd shifter knob and pull the console top off. Put the shifter knob back on right away because the sharp threads of the shifter easily scratch the plastic panels!

4. Remove the two 10mm bolts on the sides of the console on either side of the (automatic) shifter. They are obvious, but I haven't seen them on a manual transmission model. Pull the console staight back away from the switch panel - no need to remove it.

5. Remove the 10mm bolts at the bottom of the switch panel and pop out the plastic retainers on each side. I didn't have a special tool, but if you push the center of the retainer clip straight in, you can remove the whole retainer.

6. Pull the switch panel out until you see the switches and wiring from behind.

7. At the A-Trac switch position, pull the switch blank out of the front. There will be a wiring plug connected to the back of the blank, but it may or may not be the correct one to connect to the switch. This threw me.

8. Push the A-Trac switch into the hole where the blank was removed and plug in the correct connector. The A-Trac connector has 4 wires running to it. Two of the wires are pink with a green stripe and white with a black stripe. I got confused because the connector in the location where the A-Trac switch goes had a pink wire with a blue stripe and a purple wire. I had a hard time seeing the black stripe on the white wire and the directions I read said to look for a black and white wire.

I can tell you this is easy and it works! I do not plan to try the hack which allows the A-Trac and locking diff to be active at the same time. It seems to be a lot more of a "hack" than simply adding a factory switch, and I'm not sure I understand the benefit at all.

I'll include some thumbnails in this post and then more in the next post.


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