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I'm almost finished with my stereo install, but I can't find anywhere appropriate to mount the crossover under the driver's side dash. The passenger side was easy...I mounted it to the sheet metal using double side tape, just to the right of the computer (behind and to the right of the glovebox).

I cant figure out the driver's side though. Under the seat is out of the question, in case I take on water. Ideally it needs to be secured up and out of the way, hidden and secure. I'd prefer NOT to mount it in the door either.

Any advice?

Ours is on a small platform under the driver's side seat.

Sorry for bad photo....I was taking a quick photo for insurance purposes and need to take better ones still.

Anyway, there really haven't been any issues with water but then we don't let the FJ swim in our swimming pool. :rofl:
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