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Hey all,

For the past few weeks I've had the FJ itch. I've been doing countless hours of research about the different models, and issues that come with FJ's. I been looking at 2010+ models, and really wanted a Trail Teams model but budgeted myself $20,000 or less.

Last night, while browsing Craigslist, I came across a 2010 Toyota FJ, Trail Teams Special Edition model. Desert sand color, with 150,000 miles, 6-speed manual transmission, number 315 of 1500 trail teams for the 2010 model year. Offered at 20K but negotiable on price. I just about had an accident in my pants. From the photos it looks like it in good shape, but the 150K mileage concerns me. The owner says he's done routine oil changes and has only used synthetic oil, which makes me happy. He's never had a problem with the throw out bearing, but he's the 3rd owner, and doesn't know if it was ever serviced.

Here's a few pics;

I'm going to take a drive tomorrow morning to go look at the truck, I'm excited to see it but the only thing I'm worried about is the milage. I drive 75 miles a day for work, and need to know that this FJ is going to be reliable. Is there any way to know if the throw-out bearing TSB has been done? I know its noob territory to ask, but what specifics should I look out for? I'm meeting the guy at an off-road trail to give it a test drive, so i'll be able to see how it performs both on-road and off, which is cool of the seller to do.

After looking at the car, and seeing that everything is in working order and its in good condition, I was going to offer the seller $18,000 for the truck. Based on the NADA information...

What would you offer for this? does it sound like a good deal?
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