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I drive 75 miles a day for work, and need to know that this FJ is going to be reliable.
Unless you're a forest ranger and need the offroad capability, or you live in the frozen north and need AWD/4x4 for most of your commute, buy another car to put all those miles on. Civics and Corollas are cheap so killing one as a daily doesn't hurt anybody's feelings. Buying an FJ to kill this way is a shame, you want a disposable car that you won't miss when you sell it at 250K or drive it into the ground.

After looking at the car, and seeing that everything is in working order and its in good condition, I was going to offer the seller $18,000 for the truck. Based on the NADA information...
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What would you offer for this? does it sound like a good deal?
$18K seems about right if you were buying it to keep, modify and drive as a 2nd vehicle while daily-driving a beater into the ground. There's 18 FJ's in the US under $26K / 45K miles, if your budget doesn't have to be $20K you'd do well to buy one of these trucks with 1/5 - 1/3 the miles for a few grand more. Of those 18, 6 are 2010+'s. Plane tickets and gas to drive home are cheap compared to getting the right car.

Either way, good luck!

(edit: added AutoTrader link showing the vehicles I referenced)
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