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Wanted to thank this forum and all the great info that can be found on it.

I recently upgraded my front suspension from Toytec Boss (which broke on me during a desert outing) to ICON 2.5/reservoir/CDC valve coilovers. Having researched on this forum extensively on how to perform this upgrade the first time around, and then refreshing myself this second time, I felt like I had this effort pretty well covered. Performed the coilover swap, and was taking it to the local alignment shop (Ramona's Tires in north Mission Viejo, lifetime alignment option cannot be beat), when my ABS and traction control lights came on. I figured maybe the system needed time to reset, but when I got my rig back, lights are still coming on after about a minute with vehicle started, whether I'm rolling or just sitting in the driveway. I once again searched the forum, and found quite a few references to possible broken ABS sensor wire. Now, in doing my research before the upgrade, I was aware of this possible issue and took precautions to make sure the steering knuckle was supported and tied up during the install so no undue pressure would be on the wiring and brake lines.

I was at a loss, but also saw references on replacing the ABS wire, which runs about $50 each. I was about to pull the trigger and buy a new wire, figuring that must be the issue, when i noticed yesterday morning that my RPM gauge was not registering. Now I knew that while the speedometer and odometer works off a speed sensor, but the RPM sensor is different. So I was scratching my head, because the idea of a broken wire was now in question. Came back to the forum, did some more searching, and wouldn't you know it, I found a thread talking about how an UltraGauge (which I have) device can cause a problem with the communications bus and cause strange effects. I unplugged the UltraGauge, plugged it back in, and wouldn't you know it--the RPM gauge working again, and the ABS and traction lights did not come on. I've driven it for a day, and everything looks good.

Thanks to this Forum, a lot of troubleshooting time and possibly purchases of a wire that was not needed was avoided. Thanks everyone for their posts!
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