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Yesterday afternoon I was driving to the store from work. I was traveling at about 30 mph approaching a light in the right-hand turn lane. As I depressed the brake pedal, it started pressing back as if the ABS was engaging. Oddly enough, the car I nearly rear-ended was an unmarked police car. In order to stop the my FJ, I had to overcome the resistance and stand on the pedal with all my strength.

After pulling into the store parking lot, I drove around for a couple minutes along the outer edge. I took the FJ up to 25+ mph and slammed on the brakes to try to cause the problem to resurface again (it didn't). I was able to cause the ABS to engage, but it did acted normally. The ABS didnt' engage until the wheels started to lock-up.

There was NO indicator on the dash alerting me to any malfunction. Due to this situation having occurred, I promptly drove to the dealership to have them diagnose the problem. It spent the night at the dealership, and will hopefully get the required attention today. I'll post whatever they find to be the problem.

Anyone ever had or heard of a problem with the ABS system on an '07 FJ having problems? Mine has approx 6500 miles, 6MT, no electronic or electric mods. I've got a truxxx leveling kit installed, and running BFG AT's (stock size). My FJ hasn't been in any crazy off-roading yet either.

Your not the only one to have this occur. I have had it happen twice on the same piece of road at the same exact spot. I reduced the pressure of my tires from 50psi(tire sidewall recommendations) to 40psi and it has never happened again. In my case I think my back end got to bouncy and right when I wanted to brake one tire must have been slipping and the computer wanted to correct that wheel first before allow me to fully brake.
I noticed in both of my cases that when I hit the brakes, the pedal felt as though it was pulsing(ABS), but really lightly. This is why I believe the system was trying to correct one tire.

Anyways good luck and let us know your findings.
Hopefully they won't return your FJ with a slip saying "Could not reproduce problem". This is what my slip said after I brought in my FJ to have them check my pulleys. I know they are failing, but I wanted to see if the young mechanics could even tell. They could not. Looks like I'll have to fix em myself
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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