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Accessory Lights Question

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I have two sets of accessory lights on my FJ, and I'm getting a third delivered tomorrow. I'm trying to decide on the best way to set them up.

I have recessed lights in my DO front bumper.
I have the accessory FJ lights mounted on top of my front bumper.
Tomorrow I'm getting the air dam/lights for the OME roof rack.

Embarrassingly enough, I can't remember right now how the first two are wired in. Even though I did it myself! Anyway, I do have one lighted switch added to my dash cluster and I think I recall something about wiring to the high beam circuit. But now adding the roof lights changes things.

My first thought is that the DO recessed lights should be on whenever the headlights are on and that the other two sets should be jointly switched in conjunction with the hight beams. But I'm not sure.

How do you guys set them up?

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I wired all of mine independant. They come on with or without the key. Just remember to turn them off. :cheers:
Mine are all independent too.
All independently wired. Although the rear lighting is wired to a constant 12v, all the forward lights are wired though the ignition 12v
Also wired independently :)

The more badass switches the better.
Thanks guys. Looks like independent is the way to go! :)
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