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Looking for thoughts and suggestions on this guys. If someone has already done it I would love to see some pics and hear how you fabbed/modded both the snorkel and the AFE CAI box...

about a year ago I put a SEALED AFE CAI in my 2007 FJ and now I want to get a snorkel kit installed. Most guys that sell them were telling me to go back to stock. BS! Look back at what I installed I said a SEALED (air and water) AFE CAI...So this is the mod that i am currently doing will post pics in the next week to show my uber success or ultimate failure (all my mechanics and fellow FJ self help guys think it is a GREAT idea).

I will either do one of 2 things:

1: (dont think this is going to work) figure out how to route the snorkel to the current intake inside the fender wall and make a sealed fit. Problem is the tube isnt circular and there isnt much room there.
2: (I am banking on this one working) cut off the current intake tube going into the sealed CAI and seal it with a flange and gasket. Then install the snorkel and cut the right size diameter hole in the back of the sealed box. Then just make an airtight seal at that junction and waylaa you now have a CAI system and a snorkel kit. you have actually in theory just increased the effieciency of your CAI by drawing air from a cleaner higher place as well
Again everyone i have spoken to says in theory this will work we will see what happens when i bust out the hole saw this weekend:p

For the record I need the snorkel as i do quite a bit of river crossings this time of year where i live. Last year i had to turn around several times due to the depth of the water. I am not planning on installing this and having people see it on the freeway

Looking forward to everyone and anyones critique or opinions of how this will or wont work.

As I said earlier i will post pics of the mod as it becomes complete or a complete mess and waste of money haha!

Also dropping the following into the rig this week
Fierce low profile roof light bar
Piaa 4" amber fog lights
Piaa 6" offroad bumper mounted lights
XR8 Smitty built winch (going inside my already installed expedition one kodiak front bumper)
Rock rails
And last but not least the ARB front air locker (not doing this one myself)

She's going to be a bad mamajama soon cant wait to show you guys what she looks like

already have:
3" procomp suspension lift
18" monster black rims w/ BF goodrich AT K2
TRD exhaust
Unichip performance chip
AFE throttlebody spacer
Expedition one front and rear bumpers
Silver body w/ custom black top and mirrors
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