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I wanted to post a new thread explaining my quest for factory Bluetooth. I own a 07 FJ that came with the upgraded audio package with the FJammer and a subwoofer. I never liked the sound of this head unit and wanted factory Bluetooth so I upgraded my HU to the Pioneer unit from the 2012 FJ's.

The head unit alone wasn't enough to add Bluetooth, I needed a microphone and the steering wheel controls.
However, I had been reading on here in multiple places that trying to add Bluetooth controls isn't possible because of the wiring down the steering column.
But I'm a "don't believe it if I don't see it" kind of guy, so I ordered a handsfree control off eBay, which had the audio and Bluetooth buttons, so I had to remove my original audio buttons.
I also ordered a Toyota microphone from eBay. After hooking up the SWC, nothing happened, I realized everyone on the forum was right. Then I decided to hook up the mic anyway, and suddenly Dr. Frankenstein was amazed!! It was alive! Alive!!!

The Bluetooth buttons lit up, the unit started talking to me and taking commands from me. It was glorious!!
It should be noted I do have cruise control.

So let it be known, the wiring down the steering column WILL in fact work with the Bluetooth buttons in the 07 and up FJ's.

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