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ok heres the deal im a little confused on what to do.
my system right now is
D3 headunit
infinity perfect components with tweeters in the dash and mid in the door--they are powered by a 600watt kenwood 2channel amp (100 rmsx2)
2 w3 in a wicked cas box powered by a rockford 2channel amp
oem rear speakers

i just picked up infinity kappa 6.5 coaxial speakers to fit the pods i made for the back seating area....
they are 2 ohms 75w RMS my question is which way should i go about powering these up... could i splice the speakers from the front dash speakers that are just sitting there or could i run them off the rear...or should i fold and get a pdx4.100 hmmm what are your opinions..trying not to break the bank
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