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After 24 years..I'm back in the family

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Hi FJC forums. Longtime lurker. I used a lot of information here in my last build, an overlanded Subaru Crosstrek. My last Toyota was my first truck as a teenager, a 1988 Toyota 4x4. I put that truck through hell, totaling it twice and still putting 200k miles on the clock. That was almost 24 years ago and I've wanted it back ever since but Yotas in that good of a condition command a serious premium.

Fast forward 24 years and I get to cross off a bucket list entry. I'm going pick up my FJ tomorrow! I'm getting a 2012 Trail Teams in Radiant Red. I've wanted one of these since they released but I wasn't ever in a position to pick one up.

Just wanted to say hello and I look forward to both learning a lot here and teaching what I know.

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Welcome from Pittsburgh!
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