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Aftermarket parts.

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Some genuine Toyota parts are getting harder to come by and over time it’s probably inevitable that at least in some cases, aftermarket will more and more become the only game in town, so to speak.
Do you think that in some applications, aftermarket is good enough? In some cases, aftermarket parts could be an upgrade. In what cases would you say an aftermarket part might be as good or better than OEM? Does it matter to you personally regardless?

Just wanted to get some thoughts on the subject.
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IMHO, aftermarket suspension parts like rear control arms/shocks from some fabricators are WAY better than OEM. Certain things like axle shafts and lower control arms from companies like Moog and others are iffy. It all really depends on the specific part to me whether I'd go with a cheapo version. I went with moog sway bar links when rebuilding my front end and one is already showing signs of rusting... I'm in AZ... things don't rust here... I just did the water pump, radiator, Tstat housing all OEM. I went with aftermarket hub(doorman )/bearings(koyo) as they are already assembled and way cheaper than OEM. Added 5th Gen 4Runner Calipers, pads, rotors, & backing plates all OEM... I think those came out cheaper than aftermarket.

Regarding availability, it is unlikely for there to be an issue for the next 20 years or so, as the FJ only just went out of production (globally) this past Christmas. Beyond that, so long as parts continue to sell Toyota will keep on making them, even making new tools when needed. Some FJ40 parts are still available new for that same reason. When working on another Toyota I own, it was over 25 years old, only made for 2 years, and it was amazing what was available new for it. Some super low demand parts were harder to find, but after expanding my search globally was able to find stuff. The internet is quite a powerful tool.

Parts for the driveline and suspension, and electrical parts, which are used across multiple product lines will be the most easy to get as their service parts sales volumes easily justify keeping their tools running forever.

I use this rule: If it fails, can it cause me to be injured. If yes, I really look at OEM. Things like shocks (they are Bilstein) I can go 'aftermarket', because that's what they are, especially if I save some money.

But, yeah, too many people 'go cheap' on things they shouldn't, and often 'pay' for that decision.

Since the FJ was sold in other countries, some of which require longer availability of parts, most should be available for quite some time. Now, getting them might get to be expensive, paying for international shipping, but they aren't going away soon. Plus, if needed, so many parts are interchangeable between years, the used/refurbished market will be going for many parts for even longer. (y)🤙
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