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I really like to see FJ videos on YouTube - especially off road. And I've created a couple of them myself (see bottom).

These days I am experimenting with a more fun and easier way to aggregate and vote on the best FJ videos that I think will work well with this forum. Keep in mind that this is a very experimental thing, but we like to experiment around here.

Can you give it a shot and tell me what you think (you can add your own favorite FJ videos and vote as well)? I think we should be able to collect a few dozen.

Here's the link to the initial set I created: Best FJ Video

Thanks a bunch!


P.S. Here are the videos I created. I did not put them in the best list because ... well it's for someone else to say, and they are pretty old and lame compared to the ones I selected already.

Death Valley (solo w/ my FJ)

FJ Survivor Dude Does Death Valley


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