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For those who are hesitant to take the roof rack off to install the Air Dam and Light Bar (from All Pro Off Road)....I cut each of the tube brackets in half, drilled a hole through each post asembly. This allowed me to install the assembly like a real "bolt on" clamp opposed to sliding the tube clamp on from the bottom of the roof rack. This eleviates the risk of loosing an insert inside the roof liner and possible leakage after installation is done. Wish the Engineers would have designed it like this instead. I do like the Product, I have 4 Baja Design Soltechs installed. Middle 2 are penlight, outer 2 are driving lights.

I also have 2 KC HighLights intstalled on a Bull Bar from Westin.

So I have plenty of light for those desert trips.

Great stuff out there for these FJ's...agreed?

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