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I'm new to this group but I've had a 2007 FJ Cruiser for 11 years now. Only 80K thousand miles on it.

Today I went into the ocean like an idiot with my keyfob in my pocket, so it ruined my keyless entry keyfob device.

So I still have my key to my FJ, and it opens the door, but the factory alarm goes off like crazy, and I can't get it to turn off for the life of me. And putting the key in the ignition doesn't start the car, it just sets off the alarm again.

I tried fixing my keyfob with rice and a blow dryer, but I think it's toast.

Question: Is there any way I can get into the FJ and disable the alarm system? So I can drive it home? Right now, the alarm won't turn off, nor will it drive, seemingly until the keyfob turns off the alarm system.

Ideas or direction welcome!

Thank you, Morgan
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