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Alert!!! Fj Stolen In Seattle!!! Alert!!!

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Hi all. Someone consistantly pressing my doorbell this morning woke me up. It was my neighbor telling me that there are two cars that were broken into last night. So I went out to check my FJ..... =( IT WAS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really havn't took too many pictures latey, but basically it's a black diamond, 3" lift, TRD silver wheels with 33" BFG A/T. WA Plates 921-WLV with "Veteran" decal. Large Thule cargo box on top, older forum sticker on it and a white bezel. I got home last night at midnight and just found out it was missing from the front of my girlsfriend's house in Lake City/Sand Point. If you see it, please call the police!!! I'll search for pictures, but there aren't really too much exterior mods, so it looks like everyone else's. Thanks in advance! :mecry::mecry::mecry:
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Sucks to hear that!! I hope they catch the a$$holes responsible and let you at them for a while!!

Good luck getting it back!!
2 mins with them, that's all I ask....
Most recent photo...

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Sorry to hear.

On the good side, it should be hella easy to spot with that Thule box on top.
Sorry to hear.

On the good side, it should be hella easy to spot with that Thule box on top.
Sry to hear about this but my guess is the Thule box is not going to be the only thing no longer on the FJ....:mecry:
wow.... that sucks! So sorry to hear about your FJ!
I live in the Kenmore/Bothell area so I'll keep an eye out for it... FJs are everywhere in Seattle, so hopefully someone will see it soon :(
If all you need is 2 minutes, then I will provide the ammo... 9mm. parabellum, .40 cal., or my choice...45 ACP! Good luck getting her back! So sorry to hear about your loss!
Sapper sorry to hear of your stolen FJ, hope the police is able to locate your ride. :mecry:
Looked a little on craigslist for ya and this is all i can find....If it is a thule evolution this seems a little suspicious, location is portland which is pretty close to you and no pic or telephone number. Hope u catch them!

Thule Evolution Car Top Carrier
I have had more car brake ins and stolen cars than most people have in their life time. I acctually got the FJ thinking this will never be a problem again...I hope you get it back in one piece.

Where in Seattle was it stolen?
Sorry to hear about that, is their any easy way you guys can run a kill switch? With jeeps we run a switch onto the fuel pump ground, or hot wire. Once the switch is hidden you can shut the fuel pump off rendering the car useless.

That sucks.

Check the salvage yards. If they take it to a chop shop, they have to get rid of the parts sooner or later.

I've had mine broken into twice luckily there was nothing for them to steal. If I didn't have a life, I would park mine in the street and sleep in back of it with a few firearms to keep me company. But then, if something did happen, they would claim entrapment I would be the one in trouble.

I now have a full Viper Alarm with all the bells and whistles but with yours being stolen, I might have to invest in some type of GPS tracking system and a kill switch as mentioned by another poster. It is sad that we have to have everything locked up all the time. I am installing a new stereo system and I can't wait for the extra worry that will cause me.

Good luck.
But then, if something did happen, they would claim entrapment I would be the one in trouble.
They cant claim it if you do the job right :thinkerg:
this is such a shame....seems a fairly high profiled vehicle with that Thule box on. I'd take a look into that Ebay/Craig's list add and make sure they're not trying to ditch it

Good Luck
dude, sorry for your loss....I feel for ya bra!

I'd pay money to see someone try to steal my FJ.....I keep a pissed off midget in my FJ....I only feed him cabbage, and purposely tell him hurtful things right before i head off to bed to keep him pissed off. Stuff like "your really,really short" or "you have bad hair"...or "you have hands of a 3 yr old"...... this one is my favorite....."your mom never loved you!"

I know what you might be thinking....Man, how can you do that and say such mean things? with all the theft going on here also....I still have my ride!

AND P.S. Athena makes boys could keep her locked up in the FJ over night...

I tend to piss off emotional men too ;)
This sucks! Sorry to hear about your loss, I hope the Police can help you out.

With the FJ become less and less available, it might be a good time for the rest of us to beef up security.
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