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...well not really a group buy, just a smokin' sale!:smoker: BUT WITH AN EXTRA GROUP BUY BENEFIT - You'll get a $50 Gift Certificate if we get 40 orders! Plus, 1 of the 40 will be randomly selected to get their All-Pro Rock Sliders for FREE!- We have several sets in stock for quick delivery, but once those are gone please expect 3-4 weeks for delivery! Last Group Buy we hit 46 orders!

Nearly 20% OFF - Now Only $289/pr HREW, PLUS add any options at 10% OFF, including any other armor pieces

Options include:
DOM Upgrade - Now Only $108 (Reg. $120)
Filler Plates (see below pic) - Now Only $89 (Reg. $99)

These plates are welded in to the upper surface of the Rock Slider, creating a step-like surface to aid in entering and exiting the vehicle. Plates are CNC laser cut from 1/8" plate steel, and dimple-died to add rigidity and great looks.

Plus, here's more info:


Key Features:

•Ultimate Rocker Panel Protection!
•High Clearance
•Fully Gusseted
•Completely Bolt-On
•DOM Upgrade Option with Lifetime Warranty
•Made in the USA

Full Product Description

All-Pro Off Road's FJ Cruiser Rock Sliders are the best selling sliders on the market! Get the protection you need for your rocker panels without robbing valuable ground clearance. We designed these Rock Sliders with our signature "kick-out" design that is proven to help prevent damage to the vulnerable rear quarter panel by pushing your FJ away from the rocks. Unlike other sliders, our Rock Sliders angle up to provide the most ground clearance possible since there's nothing worse than getting hung up on low hanging armor!

All-Pro Rock Sliders not only look great, they are designed to stick out just enough to provide the needed protection and to allow for use as a step for roof rack access. No frame drilling is required since our Rock Sliders easily bolt on to the pre-threaded factory frame holes using the supplied grade 10.9 metric hardware. We ship these unpainted so you can finish them to your liking. We recommend using spray paint to allow for easy touch-ups when these sliders get put to good use!

Made in the USA using 1.75" steel tubing for the outer tube with 2" steel tubing for the inner tube, and fully welded and gusseted 2" square tubing for the legs. The beefy frame mounting plates are 3/8" thick plate steel (see photo at left) to withstand bending or tearing away under extreme abuse. Our Rock Guards will hold the full weight of the vehicle and a Hi-Lift jack can be used at any point along them. They are the most trail-tested product out there and have held up to the country's toughest rock crawling trails including the Hammers, the Rubicon and Moab.

EXTREME DUTY Rock Sliders Now Available!
All-Pro now offers an Extreme Duty version of our FJ Cruiser Rock Sliders. These are identical in design to our standard Rock Sliders, but are fabricated from super strong DOM tubing. DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) tubing has a higher carbon content which results in a much higher tensile strength than HREW (Hot Roll Electrically Welded). And the cold-working DOM process results in superior dent and bend resistance. We've built DOM versions of most of our products for use on our own vehicles for years, and now we're making these available to the public. We're so confident in our Extreme Duty Rock Sliders that we're offering a LIFETIME WARRANTY against bent tubes!

Technical Data
Strong .120 Wall Steel Tubing
2" OD Inner Tube
1-¾" OD Slider Tube
2" Square Tube Legs
3/8" Mounting Plates​
Hardware: Metric Grade 10.9
Weight: 79.0 lbs.
Dimensions: 60" Length

Customer Testimonials

"I am running the All-Pro Rock Guards and have been very happy with their performance. Having the 'Kick-Out' provides additional protection to the side of my FJ and also gives me better access to the roof rack. I have put the Rock Guards to use in many tough situations and have found them to hold up well. My Rock Guards are painted with Rustoleum 'Hammered' paint which allows for easy touch-up."

Tomas Dawson
My Toyota FJ Cruiser | My Toyota FJ Cruiser, Modifications, Expeditions, Mods, Equipment, gear, Photos and more

"I put my order in for DOM, and you shocked the [email protected] out of me by how fast they showed up at my house .... the end result IS THE BOMB. Awesome fabrication. Period. I have some good stuff on another rig, but, seriously, these are scary perfect. Experience here with All-Pro? 110% or more satisfaction (more actually)."

-Matt (SuperV3K), Phoenix, AZ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How far do the All-Pro FJ Rock Sliders "stick out"?

A: FJ Rock Sliders stick out approximately 4" from the front door seam. At the rear "kick-out", it extends to about 7" from the rear door seam.

Q:How should I prep these and what paint should I use?

A: Clean with paint thinner, prime, then paint with Rustoleum, Krylon, or the equivalent paint in the color of your choice.

Q:Is powder coat available?

A: Powder coat is available for local pick-up only, for an additional $120. However, since powdercoating is harder to touch-up, we recommend using spray paint instead if you plan on using them where they will get strached.

Please note, when ordering online our shopping cart price will reflect our regular retail price and we'll apply the discount when we process the order (just add "FJC GB" in the comments section)!

Don't settle for less, get the best!

Sale good through February 28, 2011. $50 Gift Certificate will expire on 06/01/11 and is only good on future orders.

1. Rob D.
2. Anthony H.
3. Randall W.
4. Cody S.
5. Jason J.
6. Viengvilay N.
7. Scott B.
8. Yosh M.
9. Joseph A.
10. Ardy A.
11. Peggy B.
12. Ken B.
13. Brad B.
14. Michael V.
15. Joseph T.
16. Joseph I.
17. Brian H.
18. Travis S.
19. Seth S.
20. Jason W.
21. Michael A.
22. Neil S.
23. Dwight T.
24. Fonnie W.
25. Ryan T.
26. David H.
27. Gabriel S.
28. Andrew P.
29. Bill D.
30. Shawn I.
31. Chad D.
32. Randy O.
33. Derek M.
34. Jameson B.
35. Drew M.
36. David K.
37. Edward B.
38. Charles S.
39. Jed H.
40. Kenneth S.
41. Micheal S.
42. Jason W.
43. Chris P.
44. Lucas R.
45. Vimala R.
46. Dave P.
47. Jason R.
48. Brett H.
49. Matthew S.
50. Paul H.
51. Rocky A.
52. Wesley S.
53. Sean H.
54. Larry F.
55. Al S.

We will add your name to the list once we receive your order (last updated 3/10) THANKS!

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Wow! I want I want...time to move up. Sending you a message now!

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I told my self I wouldn't buy any more mods for a while, but this is tempting...
I guess I have until the 28th of next month to make my mind up.

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:mecry: I just bought mine 2 weeks ago

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I love my All Pro sliders! I wish mine had the filler plates(weren't available when I bought mine).
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