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AllCal 2011 Location: Psycho Ranch!

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Location finalized. Pinky and I had the chance to revisit the location and check out facility with a more critical eye. It's PERFECT! The ranch itself is 40 acres and has water and a kitchen. It will probably hold 20-30 sites COMFORTABLY. There's a adjacent lot that we can use and it can hold hundreds!

So be ready for AllCal 2011. Mark these dates: 7/15-7/17 (Friday-Sunday)!

Took some pics today.

This is a meet and greet style event with a lot of off roading, camping, BBQ, and other festivities. We're currently looking for sponsors and finalizing food arrangements. We hope to have registration details soon.


As in the past, we'll have an area for the sponsors to display their goods and also interact individually. This is a great chance to reach out to the FJ community. Please contact me if you're interested in sponsoring the event.

The Goods!

The following companies have generously donated to the event.

Set of TC boxed lower control arms.

FJ Cruiser Back pack hook combo set and an FJ Automatic Straddle combo.

FJ front bumper and maybe more.


Adventure Trailer!

2 D2 Dually LED Light Bars!

Dune whips, clothing and stickers!!

Panasonic CF 19 or 30 Toughbook!


Gift card, t shirt, catalogs, and pens for driver's bags!

Front bumper, tube doors, rear billet bump stops for 35" tires, shot glasses and keg!

I will continue to update this thread as needed.
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Great Spot!
Thanks Travis! Thank you for jumping on board again this year too. I'm looking forward to the event with great anticipation. :D I'll update the this thread tonight. Lots of good stuff! :)
First post updated with sponsor info!
sweeeeeeeeet !!!!!! :cheers:
Added some more amazing prizes. I want to really thank the generosity of sponsors who has really stepped up and contributed to our event.
Did you notice that one of the prizes requires a hitch?! :cheers:

Thanks to Adventure Vehicle Outfitter and Discount Tire, a trailer is being built for the event! I'll take some pics as they start the build up. I can't wait to see it.
Thank you Toytec!
Sponsor list updated :).

I have a few more coming. I'll post up once the details are worked out. Some very exciting ones!
I heard about this event at ToyotaFest from a couple of socal guys, Ivan(?) and Sang(?). Sounds like some fun to be had. Definitely thinking about attending this and then heading up to the summit.
You heard it from me you silly. :lol:
do you need to be from cali to go?
Absolutely not! Anyone is welcomed. It's AllCal as it was originally done in the spirit of uniting California FJs. AllCal location moves every year around the state to give people a chance to travel to it. It was Hungry Valley (south-central CA) the first year, then it was Hollister (central-northern CA). This year, it's at Big Bear which is closer to southern CA.

Everyone is welcome!
You heard it from me you silly. :lol:
I take it your Ivan then. Haha, you shoulda had a blueroom name tag on.
OMG. :rofl:.

I introduced myself even :D. I'm just messing with you. It was nice meeting you. I know how hard it is to remember names!
Having been to Psycho Ranch in the past (with FJAMMING), I can second that the location is PERFECT for one of our gatherings. It would be fun if the Psycho Hummers could join us because they DO know how to party.

Is there gonna be registration for this?

If so i gotta throw my name out there in case i don't get online anytime soon.

Matt's working on it. We should have it VERY soon. Things are falling into place and I can hardly wait.
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