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Hey folks. My ambient air temp sensor (or wiring to it) has been broken since I bought my FJ (2012, factory dash cluster). If it's below freezing outside, I sometimes get a reading of 130 degrees farenheit, sometimes it gives me about 50 degrees celsius, so same temps. I tried 2 different new ambient temperature sensors since they're so cheap. No change.

Recently, my horn stopped working entirely. I noticed that the wiring harness that leads to the temp sensor also feeds the horn. Do all these two sets of wires share a ground somewhere? I also read recently on here that the temp sensor is hooked up to the AC control board thing behind the radio, and none of that wiring seems to be at all related to the horn, so probably separate issues. I changed the fuse for the horn (again, because it's cheap and easy) but didn't see one specific to the temp sensor. No change.

What tests do I need to run to diagnose the issue(s)?

I should mention that I took the car to the dealership and they entirely misunderstood the problem and quoted me something like $800 to replace the dash cluster. Then they noticed that it does, in fact light up, just with dashes instead of a temp reading.

Thanks for the help!
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